When it comes to employees, are you asking these important questions?

When it comes to employees, are you asking these important questions?

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself questioning whether or not you should keep a certain employee? I heard a person give a talk once and he gave out these 3 questions. I have used them often to help me determine if I need to address a situation with a staff person. Here they are:  

  1. Is the employee doing the job? 
  1. Is the employee following the rules?  
  1. Is the employee interfering with others?  

Answering these three questions can help determine your next step of action. For the first two questions, I am looking for a solid “yes.” Anything else, well kinda of, sort of, sometimes, needs to be addressed. On the last question, I hope the answer is “no.” Anything other than no needs to be addressed.  

One time when I needed to address an employee constantly coming into work late, I used these three questions. Is the employee doing the job? Yes. Is the the employee following the rules? No, he is late to work often. Is he interfering with others, “no, but being late caused hardship on the other team members.” I knew I needed to address the situation even though it was not something I wanted to do.  

As the leader of your organization, you are called to help navigate through tough times. These 3 questions can help bring tremendous clarity in decision making.   

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