Great teams aren't created. They are Cultivated.
We help you Grow Great teams.

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What is the cost of your team not operating at its full potential?

How much time is wasted from micromanagement? How many resources are lost through turnover and continuously reinforcing high standards?  How many opportunities are missed because your teams don’t have the capacity to say “Yes”?

Your teams were meant for greatness.

Save time, save money, and do more by Growing Great Teams with Help from the Jeff McManus Group.

Save Time

Say goodbye to micromanaging with our structures and insight.

Save Money

Reduce waste and team member turnover through our team cultivation resources.

Do More

Confidently accept new projects with high-functioning teams.

We can help you cultivate your teams.

We understand how frustrating it is to have teams fall short of their potential. We also know what it takes to flip those same teams from perennial under performers to winning five championships in twenty years. That is the same number of championships as Coach K, but in half the time.

Invest in your Team

Don't wait for Human Resources or anyone else to invest in your team.
You will miss a tremendous opportunity to do something really great.

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How to Grow Great Teams

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Discover how the Jeff McManus Group helps good leaders cultivate great teams.

The Jeff McManus Group’s methods are different because they were created on the ground, literally. Jeff McManus, Chief Cultivation Officer of the Jeff McManus Group, started as Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi when the department was tight on funds and low on results. By cultivating the teams he led, his department increased results while also decreasing an already-tight budget. He did so by planting a thriving culture where each team member knew their role in maximizing their collective potential toward a bigger, more important purpose.

The Jeff McManus Group is passionate about helping good leaders get more from their workforce by growing great teams. Jeff generated a system of team cultivation you can make your own to achieve championship results!

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