The secret of what attitude really does

The secret of what attitude really does

How important is attitude as a leader? Studies show that most people like their job based on their relationship with their boss.  

Attitude, not your job knowledge, will determine if people want to work with each other.  

Did you ever get a grade in school for attitude?  

Our attitude also affects the success and morale of the team. Putting a good attitude out in the world is contagious in a positive way. Negative attitudes are contagious too. 

Whether you're a current leader on your team or hope to be one some day, don't let your attitude sink the progress of the group. Set the tone for teammates who are looking to follow a great leader. 

I've had my fair share of run ins with people who throw out phrases like, “So what?” and “Who cares?” when talking about attitudes. These individuals know they have a poor attitude, but they don't care who else it affects in the process. That's toxic to your team.  

No one really tells you about it, but your attitude really does determine your success more than almost anything else. A good attitude can lead to numerous types of success because of the doors it can open and the opportunities it affords. I can guarantee you this, a bad attitude will close doors and forgo opportunities that you will never know about. 

While I might not have been the most impressive student in my school days, what set me apart was my desire and willingness to learn and grow. I knew I wasn't the smartest person in the room, but my biggest advantage was how I hustled and how I treated people I worked with.  

My attitude is to help my boss be successful, that, in turn, helped me be successful.  

A quote that comes to mind is: “Talent without character is like a Lamborghini without gas. It looks good, but it doesn't go anywhere.” 

You may be gifted with certain talents, but it is your attitude of doing what it takes to give your best to everyone and to help others that will bring opportunities.  

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