The 4 F’s of Leadership

The 4 F’s of Leadership

When I was first introduced to the 4 F’s of leadership, I was taken aback at how game changing they were for the members of our team. Never heard of these 4 F’s? Don’t worry, we’re going to take a closer look into them now.  

Whether you’re new to leadership or have led a team for many years, these 4 traits can help you better understand how your role as a leader affects your team’s morale and success rate.  

Be fair. This concept is incredibly important for leaders to understand. Being fair builds creditability with your employees. It builds trust and people want to work with a fair boss.   

Be factual. As a leader, your words carry authority, so be slow to jump to conclusions. Gather the facts, listen and ask questions. When you talk, know people are listening.  

Be firm. What does this really mean? I look at this a being willing to carry out the policies, rules and guidelines set by the company. At times, being firm is not popular or easy. I remember writing up my first employee and how bad I felt, but saw later that it was the best thing for him and our team. He stopped his unproductive behavior, our workers were relieved and the company became better for it.  

Be friendly. Be nice, professional, but don’t expect to be best friends with those you lead. Show respect. Little things like eye contact, saying, “hello” can go a long way in people respecting you. I remember people telling me how they knew I was going to be successful because of the way I treated others. 

The best part about these 4 F’s is that they are simple and easy to use in everyday leadership. 

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