The 3 R’s to Impactful Vision

The 3 R’s to Impactful Vision

The 3 R’s to Impactful Vision

Vision statements can be a powerful way to lead a team to success because they help get every team member working together toward a common goal.  

If you’ve struggled to put together a vision statement for your team, or if your vision statement has failed to stick, it’s possible your statement is missing one of the following “Three R’s” of impactful vision statements. 


Vision statements need to be big enough to relate to everyone in the company in some way so each person in the organization can feel they can contribute to the company’s achievement of its vision by doing their best work.  

Relatable vision statements challenge everyone to be excellent in their field and grow into leadership roles. 

When your vision statement is relatable, it describes your company’s vision for its future in a way that causes each individual, team and department in the company to work together toward that common goal. It also touches each member of your company, no matter how long they’ve been with you. 


The best vision statements can be remembered easily. Pastor and author Andy Stanley recommends keeping your vision statement to eight words or fewer. They don’t need to cover everything your company wants to do, but share the overarching theme of accomplishment you want to achieve as a team. 

A rememberable vision statement answers the question, “What is every single person responsible for or working toward?” and acts as inspiration to the company to achieve greatness. It’s not a full “how-to” of achieving greatness. 

Short, inspirational vision statements are memorable. Think of a personal mantra when creating a vision statement to lead your team. 


Once you have your vision statement, you need to work it into everyday conversations with your team. Talk about your vision. Write it down. Post it. Look for it in your team, and point out when they’re acting consistent with it. 

Vision statements should be posted in areas where employees and customers can see what is driving the company. This will help it become a driving force behind your team and make everyone familiar with it. 

Once your team starts using the vision statement in conversations, they will grow together and start to make decisions consistent with it. They will then start to develop into leaders in their own right. 

Those newly developed leaders will share the vision with new people who join your company, forming a solid foundation for your company’s continued success. 

Have you developed a vision statement? 

Vision statements don’t have to be profound to be effective. In fact, a simple vision statement that is relatable, rememberable and repeatable will help your company achieve more than a complicated one that half your team can’t relate to, can’t remember and can’t repeat easily. 

Our vision statement at Ole Miss was created by a landscaping student who observed how we worked on a daily basis. We didn’t have upper-level management meetings or spend months drafting it. We just adopted what our landscaping student observed as the vision we were building toward through our day-to-day work. 

If you haven’t developed a vision statement for your company, follow the three R’s, and you can put together an effective one in no time. 

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