Take Your Team with You

Take Your Team with You

Years ago, I was challenged by a former boss to carry my staff to another property to view their operations. It had never occurred to me that this might be a good idea. I could think of a lot of reasons not to do it; too much to do, not a good time, it costs too much, and it would slow me down. I was on a journey of discovery after all. I had plans and the thought of taking all my people with me seemed, well, like a burden. But was it?

Last week, an outside group of 9 people came to visit our operations. Most of them had never been to another property like ours. It was valuable time spent. We exchanged ideas, best practices and networked. The young leader who planned the trip was taking his team with him to visit other sites, letting his team experience the newness of seeing how others do it. The leader knew the value in taking your team with you on the journey to excellence.

One of the fastest ways to get buy-in and encourage change is to experience inspiration together. The young leader’s vision to have a beautiful property, was fueled by his own commitment to excellence. He displayed his wisdom by sharing his vision and curiosity with his team and watching to see what others could inspire his team to do.

Looking back over the years, I remember the decision to take my team with me to be one of the best decisions this growing leader ever made. Going to other properties to see what we could see resulted in my team learning. They were exposed to mistakes being made before they made them. They saw good works that inspired them. And the result was a long list of new ideas that fueled their desire to grow. A passion for excellence is contagious and there is wisdom in exposing others to it. As you grow yourself, let others share in your journey toward excellence. Because, slowing down to grow, allows us to speed up to produce

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