Self Doubt

Self Doubt

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” ~William Shakespeare

Have you ever been asked to run an area you have never run before and have no idea how to do it? It’s a scary feeling…to know you DON’T know. You have to remember, you may not know how to do everything, but there is a reason why you were asked to over see it. If we don’t remember that, we run the risk of doubting ourselves, our abilities, and goals. Self-doubt is putting all the attention in the wrong place, on what we don’t know or what we are not comfortable doing.

Self-doubt creeps in when we fail to feed our mind and soul with good assurance and knowledge. Here are a few ways to address self-doubt:

  1. Starve it out. Get out of your comfort zone and focus on learning, growing, and using the skills you already have.
  2. It has been done before, chances are good, it can be done again. Find those who are further down the road of experience and ask them questions. Ask different people the same question.
  3. Don’t be afraid to listen. Be that person.
  4. Compare yourself to how far you have come thus far, not where you haven’t gone. You will get there.
  5. Stay positive, slow down, be a student and learn a little more each day.
  6. Focus on growing others around you.

Confidence comes in mind first, so recognize your talents and skills at where you are. Self-doubt can destroy your confidence…if you stay there. It will question your every decision…if you stay there. It will immobilize your ability to make decisions or take action…if you stay there.

Don’t stay there.

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