Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Have you heard of Jane Helser?  For 48 years Aunt Jane, as she is affectionately called, worked at the Wilson factory sowing NFL footballs in Ada, Ohio.  Every football we have seen on TV for the last 48 years was sewn by Jane.  Yes, she's good at sewing footballs, but its Jane's work ethic and attitude that model the spirit of so many people we get to work with each day.

Once while sowing these thick rough leather pieces together, Jane ran the large sowing needle through her finger.   Everyone around her promptly rushed to pack it with ice and get her to the doctor.  The doctor, thankfully, was able to remove the needle.  Doesn't your eyes water at the thought of the pain of the accident and the removal process? Jane,  on the other hand, went back to work that afternoon.  In her own words she laughingly said, “I’m tough.”

Our frontline teams are usually working much like Aunt Jane, behind the scenes making the properties their best, taking pride in their work and yes, being tough through the many challenges – extreme weather, biting insects, itchy poison ivy and the biggest challenge of all, unexpected changes in our work plans.  And yet, they keep mowing, hauling, pruning and planting because they are tough with a work ethic and attitude that makes us proud and makes a difference.

I think of you and your team when I watch this video, because you and your crew are like Jane….you make a difference behind the scenes.  Jane's story is linked below.

Thank you all for making a difference.

Wishing you happy GROWing,

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