Leading by example

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Leading by example

Did you know that 90 percent of all teams are influenced by one specific type of communication? Curious about what it could be? Well, the answer is leading by example. 

Most people forget about this in the heat of the moment, and some don’t even consider it a type of communication. But your attitude and how it translates to your team will affect the overall culture of your workplace.  

When leading by example, keep in mind that a humble approach can vastly improve your interaction with your team. Just because I’m the boss, that doesn’t mean that I know everything. But it does mean I can help cultivate better solutions from the team.   

As the leader, I step out of my comfort zone when I ask questions that lead others to step up and think through answers. Great leaders want to cultivate others. In doing so, they can make better decisions, grow in confidence, and allow me to empower them more. 

When I changed my view from telling to asking, it allowed me to get others to believe in what they did. My role was to help them discover their on-core purpose in doing what we do. They did not do it just because they had a task to do, but because they knew why they were doing it. Morale always increases when people feel like they get to be a part of the process and have some say in the matter.

The mindset shift comes best when I think of myself as a coach who needs athletes to perform at their highest ability, to solve their challenges on the field at work, and to be highly productive from beginning to end.  

So, the big question is, how do you lead by example? You as the leader have to be willing to come in and set the example, even getting out of the normal comfort zone. Asking questions does not come as naturally as creating a to-do list.  

Last week, I asked a group of employees to fill in this sentence: Time is ________. 

Everyone said, “money.”  Time is money.  It is a common statement we all hear and know.  As a leader, we know this is true, but having an open discussion with employees can lead to some interesting discoveries for the team. It was fun to hear how these employees understood that wasting time and not being organized turns into waste and possibly even loss of jobs. When employees see the bigger picture and understand how being organized efficiently translates into money, it is a big win for you and the company.

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