Good Teams Create Great Dreams

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Good Teams Create Great Dreams

We’ve all heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and in my experience, I have discovered you have to have a good team before you can accomplish the dream.  

That begins by recognizing the fact that we can’t do everything by ourselves. We need others, but in our rush to finish a project or meet a deadline, we try to do so much on our own.  

How important is your team to your organization’s success? A strong team begins with a leader who first is willing and confident to lead by example. Second, we must learn to grow our team’s mindset and confidence. Having the leading by example mindset can, at times, falsely make me think, “I need to do it all,” and that is a dangerous pitfall for a leader. 

Every team is comprised of wonderfully imperfect people. That is what makes teamwork so amazing and, yes, challenging. Human nature can be selfish with expectations of quality, creative input and recognition for self. Many leaders mistakenly crave it for themselves. It may be a lack of self-esteem or even an ego that is slightly inflated that sabotages our ability to create teamwork. 

When leaders experience advanced growth and maturity, they celebrate the success of others, even the small contributions of those in the background. Success occurs not just because of those who are most talented, but because there are those willing to provide the hard work that no one sees. They don’t need all the glory or accolades, but an encouraging word will give life and respect to you as a leader. 

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