Does This Sound Like You?

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Does This Sound Like You?

I was speaking to a very engaged Grounds Manager recently about a situation he was privileged to be a part of. Each day at work, he purchases a cup of coffee for himself and for a young worker on his staff, who happens to have downs syndrome. He said the coffee is not that expensive and he really enjoys the daily ritual with his young worker. One day, however, he was surprised when the young worker got a bit upset with him. “I wanted to buy you a cup of coffee today,” he informed him.  

The Grounds Manager was startled by this response but quickly agreed to let the young worker purchase him a cup of coffee. The boss saw how important this one act meant to the young worker. It became clearer that the worker wanted to be in the role of showing gratitude and appreciation. By the Grounds Manager not rejecting the offer, he honored his young worker. His pride may have gotten in the way by thinking I can’t let him buy me coffee, but he didn’t. He let him do it.   

Every job is important. Every person on the team is valuable and leaders who cultivate worth into their team reap the rewards. By allowing this small act of gratitude, he gave the young worker something priceless. He gave him his honor.  

Keep cultivating your people, because they are cultivating greatness no matter what you are doing.  

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