2 Reasons Every Company Needs a Vision Statement

2 Reasons Every Company Needs a Vision Statement

2 Reasons Every Company Needs a Vision Statement

What is the purpose behind the work you do every day? Pretty standard responses to this question include “to provide for myself” or “to provide for my family.” Although those are important, they suggest the person saying it doesn’t know the purpose behind the work they do; they don’t suggest the people know why their work really matters.

Clear, motivating vision statements challenge everyone on the team to do their best work. They tell everyone inside and outside of your company the direction the company is headed, the purpose behind the work the company does and communicate the following two very important messages to your team.

1. Vision statements show your team members everyone’s work matters

Creating a vision statement that shows what everyone is working toward gives each person a stake in the success of the team. It shows each person the task they perform is building toward that vision.

At Ole Miss, we didn’t create an award-winning campus until we communicated our vision statement to each of our team members. As we reinforced what we were working toward together, our team members worked harder together.

We also recognized employees at all levels for their teamwork and dedication to helping us achieve our vision. As we started winning awards together, we emphasized how each of us played a role in those wins and how beautifying our campus was helping Ole Miss attract the next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers and more.

2. Vision statements build stronger teams

A team that works together toward a common goal is highly likely to succeed. A simple, relatable vision statement builds strong teams because each person also sees that everyone else on the team is relying on them doing their part because they’re working together toward the same goal.

When management speaks and acts in ways that are consistent with your vision statement, your team members become more motivated to as well. Your vision will become part of the culture of your team and build pride, which is felt at every level of your company.

That company pride is reinforced when new hires are trained by peers and management and is reflected in the work quality and dedication of your team members.

When everyone works with the same vision, they begin to see how all of the pieces of the puzzle, from management to new hires, fit together to achieve your common goal.

Do you have a vision statement for your company?

What is the common goal you would like to see your team work toward together? If you’re having trouble, ask your team to brainstorm with you. Keep it short and simple, so each team member is motivated to achieve that goal and can see how their work fits into the bigger picture. Ask them what they would like to achieve together. What do they want to be known for as a team?

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