The Power of Taking Action

The Power of Taking Action

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

As a leader, I can get in the way of implementing ideas I have learned from another source. I
stop short of success because for some reason I let busy work get in the way. Maybe you have
done it too. We become the “bottleneck” to our own organization. Here is how to stop it.
This past week I got the opportunity to be at the University of Georgia Grounds Department.
Over the last 10 years the Grounds leaders at UGA continually took action and made some very
noticeable improvements in their operations and campus grounds. It started with their leaders.
They have been on a continual path of growth and development (leading by example.) They
have attended several of my conferences over the years and implemented several key elements
they found valuable (experimented and took risks).

UGA Grounds has lowered its turnover rate and increased retention by tapping into developing
their grounds people both for individual growth and organizational success. They have been
taking intentional actions over the years to enhance their employees’ skills, knowledge, and

Firstly, they learned how to set up essential continuous learning opportunities for their staff.
They took my course on, “How to Create Your Own Landscape Academy,” and over time they
implemented it. They now have an organizational path that allows employees to acquire new
skills, stay updated with industry trends and justify promotions to their bosses. This action
empowers leaders as well as their people.

Secondly, they created clear goals and expectations. Employees learned the grounds quality
standards, what is expected and how their roles contribute to their success. This created high
levels of accountability among employees.

I have worked with dozens of organizations to create such a clear training path. The good ones
want to foster a culture of ownership that encourages employees to buy-in to their culture and
values. This process of creating a uniform standard helps eliminate the guess work and provides
great customer satisfaction.

Taking action to develop your people at work is an investment that yields long-term benefits.
Just ask the University of Georgia Grounds Department. It has boosted employee engagement,
lowered turnover and increased retention. In today’s climate, these are action steps you don’t
want to miss.

Taking action by providing continuous learning opportunities along with clear goals and
expectations cultivates greatness.

Continue to take action,