The Excuses Stop Now

The Excuses Stop Now

“One day, I am going to do it.”  

Have you ever been there? Maybe you felt like that, even said that out loud. “One day, I will invest in my team and not just our daily routine.” Maybe, deep down, you know it is time to get someone to coach some of your team leaders.  

“One day, I am going to invest in myself as a person.” Maybe you would like to get some insights on a challenge you are facing. “One day” should be now. Now is the time to invest in yourself and your key leaders.   

Recently, I spoke with a Human Resources leader at a major university. She said in 2020, their campus saw an uptick in faculty and staff retirements, but in 2021, the number of people retiring spiked upwards tremendously. But that’s not all. She asked, “Who is going to replace these people? In years past, we have had 70-80 applicants per job opening. Today, we are lucky to get 7 or 8, and those 7 or 8 are not great choices.”  

What does this mean to leaders like you? It means the time is now – to invest in those employees you have before you must replace them with the not-so-great choices. Invest in yourself and invest in your leaders. Help them, grow them, develop their good qualities and help them break through the barriers we are facing. In case you missed it, the labor market is thin. I know a landscape company that used to employ 8 people; they are now down to 2 and have been so for the last 3 months.   

The farmer who wants a great harvest plans for it. Right now. The farmer has rainy days, hot days, dry days, but excuses about the weather don’t grow the crops. I really believe God has you in the job you are in for a reason. Don’t miss that. You just don’t know the impact you will have on your team.   

Luke 1:37: “For nothing will be impossible with God.”   

The excuses for not developing your people and yourself stop now. Plan for the time to invest in your team. Be gradual. Plant the seeds you want to see grow in yourself and your leaders. Be the leader your team knows you are and needs you to be.   

Cultivate your leaders to lead well.   

P.S. My new book Cultivate! is all about investing in your teams. Let me know if you want a free section and I will email it to you.    

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