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Jeff McManus

Jeff McManus is the Chief Cultivation Officer of The Jeff McManus Group. He has served as Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi since 2000. Since his arrival, Jeff has turned a campus with untapped potential into one of the most inspiring outdoor environments in the country, eventually winning five national awards for its beauty, including Most Beautiful Campus by both The Princeton Review and Newsweek.

Jeff has studied environments, practices, and methods that allow plants to thrive through his studies at Auburn University’s School of Horticulture. Learning how to grow thriving plants as well as observing great leaders, Jeff discovered ways to help develop great people and a great team culture. Jeff learned that having teams participate in the decision-making process has given them greater ownership in what they do. Growing “weeders” into “leaders” became the secret sauce that allowed Ole Miss to be a nationally recognized campus.

Leadership practices are sacred at any level in any organization. All across the country, in every industry, leadership development that offers the individual employee the opportunity to thrive on both a personal and a professional level is needed. If employees, whether sitting at their desks, standing on a production line, or pulling weeds, understand that their ideas and investment of time, energy, and skill matter, then the culture of leadership begins to grow. Jeff can help you cultivate your leaders at your next event.

Praise for Jeff McManus

Jeff has spoken to my real estate leaders 4 times in recent years. I continue to invite him back because he is an engaging and inspirational speaker. His real-world lessons on leadership are insightful and practical, and offer our attendees a road map to successful leadership.
Beth Hansen
Chief Executive Officer, Mississippi Association of Realtors
As a well-known and respected leader, Jeff’s presentation speaks from experience, is inspirational to a wide range of industry participants, and is strengthened from his proven record. His passion and sincerity is contagious, and we received very positive responses from all attendees. There is a unique genuineness about his presentation, and his message is one that all can benefit from. We will definitely invite Jeff back again!
Tom Ewing
Landscape Program Development, Proven Winners
During my years as Chancellor at Ole Miss, I had the privilege of working on many landscape projects with Jeff McManus. Jeff’s experience, insight and vision of growing and developing not only the campus, but also the people with whom he worked truly enriched the campus environment.
Robert Khayat
Chancellor of University of Mississippi (1995-2009)
In my role, I look for three attributes in a speaker: (1) a great message, (2) someone who is easy to work with, and (3) someone the audience can relate to. JEFF IS ALL THREE! He is a very genuine speaker and did an awesome job connecting with our Nutrition Staff members and providing an outstanding motivational message that set the tone for our entire day of training.
Jennifer L. McNeil, RD, SNS
Assistant Director, Nutrition Services Hemet Unified School District

Jeff can help you cultivate your teams.

Jeff understands how frustrating it is to have teams fall short of their potential. When presented with big goals, a small budget, and underperforming teams, Jeff was able to cultivate teams that shaped the campus at the University of Mississippi into one that is routinely recognized as “Most Beautiful”

Cultivate your Teams

Don't wait for Human Resources or anyone else to invest in your team.
You will miss a tremendous opportunity to do something really great.
Jeff McManus
Growing Weeders into Leaders: Leadership Lessons from the Ground Level

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