Solutions That Win

Solutions That Win

Victoria and her husband Brian started their design/build construction business back in 2000. When the housing industry took a serious downturn in 2008, the business got hammered by the recession and they struggled to find work and had to let people go. They eventually had to close the business for good.   

A few years later, they started a new construction business, Bear Creek Outdoor Living, that only focuses on delivering unique backyard structures that help inspire families to live, work and play in the outdoors together. But this time, one thing they did differently and with great intention was to focus on and invest in their employees, particularly providing workers who may have struggled in the past with the law a second chance to prove themselves. They wanted their nine staff members to be the best equipped, encouraged and appreciated workers anyone could have.   

Victoria contacted me after reading my book, Growing Weeders into Leaders, and asked if I could assist her and Brian in building a training program that allowed them to grow their people and business. The hope was to consistently onboard new employees, train them and provide a plan for growth. They had looked at other programs and searched endlessly to find a solution that was a custom fit for them, but nothing really fit. Victoria told me, “Most training programs are packaged videos that really don’t fit our culture that well. Your program was different. You showed us how to custom fit it to our business and people.”  

Brian, Victoria and several of their key staff worked with me for two months and were then able to roll out the first few levels of their Bear Creek University training program. This program was custom designed for their business.  

“It is amazing how simple it is to construct and how much time it has freed up for Brian and me,” Victoria told me. “Work production is up, quality standards are up and it has given a clear solution for employee development.”  

The lesson in this story is clear: It takes some work to find winning solutions, but the return on that type of investment is immense. Are you ready to invest in your team in 2022?   

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