What I admire about Jeff McManus is that he has accomplished what he authors. And now, in a clever twist with Cultivate, Jeff brings together 31 short stories that, when woven together, become an easy-to-implement and practical tool for developing individuals and growing a great team. Every business can easily implement the Cultivate strategy and create an interactive environment where individuals can comfortably participate and embrace personal and team growth. If you’ve met Jeff, you know he is genuinely committed to inspiring and motivating individuals to accomplish team success. After reading this book and embracing this as a tool, you’ll quickly conclude that, “it is a time to create trust with team members by respecting their input and listening. They will, for the first time, hear themselves embrace the concepts as a team..
Tom Ewing
Landscape PRogram Development
Proven Winners.

What other leaders are saying about Jeff's book...

Prestigious national awards and over thirty years' experience at the highest levels of landscape management give Jeff McManus an incredible insight into developing leadership, team building, team motivation, and company culture. In his book, Jeff has been able to reduce complex management concepts into easy-to-understand-and-apply stories that will benefit everyone from the beginning crewmember up to senior management.
Harry Ponder
Professor Emeritus
Auburn University
Cultivate is about creating dynamic teams as well as creating trust. This book uses practical, relatable examples that many in the green industry have indeed experienced firsthand. The thoughtful creation of each chapter focuses on breaking down different soft skill elements to help you and your team begin the conversation about teamwork, trust and how the team could grow together. I highly recommend this book to all in the pursuit of evolving your team into a dynamic, positive, and super productive one!
Paula Sliefert
Senior Marketing Manager
The Toro Co.